If any of you are self-taught programmers, then you’ll understand how daunting of a task it is to dive headfirst into the world of programming; New libraries and technologies pop up every day, and it seems like no two projects have exactly the same stack, versions, libraries, etc. Every language, library, technology, concept, etc. has its own steep learning curve, and especially when starting out, it is extremely hard to decide where you should spend most of your time studying and practicing.

While learning new languages and technologies, I’ve visited countless sites, tutorials, and other blogs to help me along my path. While I have found some GREAT resources out there, let’s just say I’ve wasted a lot of time on not-so-great resources others. So, what I’m hoping to do here is share tutorials and resources that will hopefully prevent you from wasting your time as well. While there are many tutorials out there, most of them don’t go into enough detail or only cover the most basic use cases. My goal is to try to go more in depth than your average tutorial. Anyway, I hope you find everything I share here useful. If not, please email me recommendations via the links in the "About Me" section.

Happy reading!

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