Sprite Editor Feature Comparison Table

Feature Aseprite GrafX2 PixiEditor LibreSprite LibreSprite Dotto JPixel Pixelorama Pixel Studio Graphics Gale Piskel LoSpec Pixel Editor PixilArt Pro Motion Free Pro Motion Full
Pixel Perfect
Symmetry Mirror Pen
Auto-Shade/Shading Mode
RotSprite Rotation
Custom Brushes
Tile Mode
File Export - PNG Image Sequences
File Export - Animated GIFs
File Export - Sprite Sheets
Animation - Frames
Animation - Frame Tags
Animation - Onion Skin
Animation - Playback Modes
Palette - Export/Import
Cost Three Options:
1. Free*
2. Trial Version
3. $20
Free Free Free Free Free Free Three Options:
1. Free
2. Pro
     - $7.99
     - Removes Ads
     - Unlocks features like Tile mode
     - More details here
3. Pro Cross
     - $11.99
     - Same as Pro
     - Allows you to use Pro cross-platform
     - More details here
Free Free Free Free Free - $39.00
- $19 to upgrade from previous version
- More details here